Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please check the FAQ for any question you may have. If your question is still left unanswered feel free to get in touch.

What hardware do I need?

You must have a Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE) power sensor for your indoor trainer. Ideally you should also have a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor to see your heart rate data.

What platforms are supported?

MyCycleTrainer is currently available on Windows 10 and Windows mobile devices.

Bugs and feature requests?

We highly appreciate your constructive feedback. MyCycleTrainer is a minimum viable product meaning it is a very early release with limited testing so far. We acknowledge further development is needed to mature this training tool and we need your help to do it.

How are workouts scaled?

The intensity of all laps in each workout are defined as a percentage of your FTP. E.g. a typical warm up interval is done at 50% of your FTP and a 3 min. sprint may be done at 110% of your FTP.

What is FTP?

FTP (Functional Threshold Performance) is the maximum average watt you can output in 60 minutes non-stop cycling. Your personal FTP must be configured in MyCycleTrainer before doing workouts. If you don't know your FTP you must do the "20 min. FTP test" workout.

How to perform the 20 min FTP test?

Start the 20 min FTP test workout. After 10 minutes of warm up there will be a 20 minute interval during which you should ignore the watt target and simply go as hard as you can for all 20 minutes. Resist the temptation to go too hard as you'll blow up before completing the 20 minutes and get a poor average output.

When the workout is done review the output and take a note of your average watt output during the 20 min. interval. Multiply this number with 0.952 in order to calculate your FTP, e.g. if your average watt during the 20 minutes was 225 watt your FTP will be 214 watt. Enter this number in the FTP setting under Configuration/User settings.

How to measure heart rate?

In order to properly calculate your heart rate zones you should measure your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. Resting heart rate can be measured in the morning time when waking up. Maximum heart rate requires you to do a hard workout (e.g. the 20 min FTP test) and end it with a give-it-all sprint. Enter your resting and maximum heart rate under Configuration/User settings.

How to upload workout data to online analysis tool?

If you would like to view and analyze your performance data using an online tool like Garmin Connect, FinalSurge or other you can simply upload the .tcx workout files. The upload is done from within the website and will depend on which one you're using. The location of the workout files can be found under Configuration/System settings.